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Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ... i'm back :blowkiss:

After returning from travel .. I could not supplement this trip because of illness and little brother .. Which made me to go home quickly .. But I will visit the picturesque region that you want to go there one day .. Pick up some pictures I will offer soon

Go back to the topic:
After returning from travel and found that I am an artist this week with my dear friend the great artist "dzlr123"…

It is a great honor for me to be an artist this week with one of my friends .. Bonus I do not know my words .. Pleasure, because this means a lot to me .:glomp:

About small for the artist.
Artist loves his work strongly .. I always enjoy watching all the work that his offer .. I for one left inside, creativity and art wonderful .. Always picture speaks before the offer .. I still continue my work .. And will follow it, my dear friend for the day and night ..
The visits are a dear friend
Click on the image to enter

Greetings to you, my dear friend .. And for all

Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ...  :D

Are equipped luggage .. Of a new travel but not for work .. Photography trip .. From 3 to 4 days I do not know how long

But .. I wanted to tell you all .. :blowkiss:

See you later my dear friends .. bye ... :hug: ..

My love and appreciation

Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ... :glomp:

If you have some time .. I want to get the song " Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow " .. I have a song .. But the voice of Michael .. I want this song just music :sing: ... Like… "I need to file Mp3  high quality"

Why .. I want to work my personal flash was this song is optional in the work .. I tried to search but not found until now ..:(

Thank you in advance to help my dear friends :blowkiss:

Appreciation and respect

Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ... :hug:

Got me some news about the existence of global competition ..

Sony :…


Al Thani:

I wish you success for all involved:glomp:

My love and appreciation

Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ... :tighthug:

I do not understand some things

I have a lot of lamas, but I do not know how to use them ..

Is it a symbolic gift ...

Or do I get them to convert to points?

Or what this means for llama ..

And also got the cookies and so far I do not understand what do you mean

Is this a good thing? To get these breeders and cakes?

thanks for coom! :hug:
Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ... :turbopoke:

I will travel .. Tomorrow

For 3 days

Will extend to a new job .. I hope I get to this job

And apologize to any person who responded to my photos or my Lesa I exist in this time ..:tighthug:

My love and appreciation .. For all

Hi everyone .. Welcome dear friends ... :hug:

At this time :D

Indeed, as my dear friend told me :tighthug:

That in the second day will be visits to the page 20000 :rose:

And have you make a vote "…" .. The answer was yes (72) ... The answer is no (8) .. Thanks to everyone who has voted .. This thing touches my heart so much .. That I have wonderful friends

It was true she has got 20000 Pageviews.. .. On the second day :highfive:

The visits are the pride and honor for me to like them a lot of friends ..

Thank you for coming and honoring in my humble ..

My love and discretionary... :glomp:

Welcome to all the friends . :turbopoke:.. On this day in this time .. Had been reached by the number of visits to my page to 19 003 and there were five people .. But .. There is one person who has to come in the number 19000 is always my dear friend..Karu :kiss:

Special congratulations to my friend here…

Was himself give you points but now 0

This figure has not been out to your presence and encouragement sustained me .. This is a great honor for my dear friends :glomp:

Who was the first to congratulate me in the work of this figure ... I know that my dear friend who follows me ... Will have a sudden strike very soon

If I have some words mis .. I'm still on my way to learning English

Thank you, my dear friend Karu

Thank you all my dear friends:hug:

With Love and appreciation

Hi everyone

The rate of visits from "Jul 4, 2010" to "Jul 10, 2010" = 11370 Pageviews "You can be sure of Statistics":D

Five people were present when he became the number of visits 16000 hits on my page in record time ..:clap:

+++ And everyone will get them on 40 points .. A small gift on this occasion +++

1- Izzey24


3- MikeMS

4- GirlofMelancholy

5- SunsetReason

Thanks to everyone who has visited my humble .. Thank you so much my friends ..

Thank you all who commented on one of my photos humble ..

You always support me, O my friends .. Thank you million ::hug:


I love you all ... Greetings and appreciation

Sold the sun

Hi everyone

First I my English is simple, but forgive me a little bit in this picture?

Q: How can I get a picture with white background without any intervention program?

I always hear the word of photography ( Sun )

More photographers in the world suffer from the problem of sunlight, especially in the outer photography and I'm one of them I have a sun continuously abroad.

Idea of how much I get rid of or benefit from the sun photography.

More photographers are advised to people using the light of the sun in the photograph.

Ayda and you can take advantage of sunlight in the filming of a product because sunlight has no boundaries in photography.

Always try to solve problems yourself the sun does not rely on any book or any article because experience is the key to success

This image has been captured using the light of the sun but on condition that a certain angle photography and to get to this angle, you must experience to find the proper angle photography and to give the image a white background color, then lift rose to the top sometimes and sometimes to the opposite corner.

Must have to catch the image in a place where shadows do not catch the image directly under the sun

The benefit was mostly type this word in the search engine Google "How to Use Sunlight in Photography"

An image is not the amendment by a photo-editing program.

I hope to take advantage of all ... Thanks